Maid Verification

Gone are those days when women were supposed to remain in the house doing all household chores and men were supposed to be responsible for earning. In the last few decades, India has seen unprecedented changes in the mindset of people, with more and more women steeping into the professional world. However, in-spite of this, one can observe that women still have to do the lion’s share of housework despite going out to work in ever increasing numbers.

Researchers found that they spent three times as long on domestic chores, such as cooking, cleaning and washing, as their husbands or partners. Some female breadwinners, however, have to shoulder the burden of all the housework as almost one in five men admitted to doing nothing at all around the home. The average for women was 17 hours a week, compared to just under six hours for men. But more than a quarter of wives and girlfriends spend more than 21 hours a week on domestic chores. These times exclude childcare, which is also traditionally far more likely to fall on women. The findings come despite the best intentions of most men, who agreed that they should share the burden by doing more housework.

Keeping this scenario in picture, the requirement for house help or maid has been increasing, since it becomes difficult for the women to take care of all household chores singlehandedly along with maintaining her professional responsibilities. Also with the increase of nuclear families in big cities and the decline of the traditional joint family setup, the requirement of someone to take care of the young kids has become another necessity of every working couple. The question now arises that amidst all this modern approach, are we not on the verge on compromising on the safety and security of our dear ones by relying on people whom we hardly know? With the growth in crime rates across the country, it is not an unknown factor now that a range of crimes happen because of involvement of house-helps and security guards

It is actually a shock when it comes to the light that the security guards, personal driver or domestic maids whom you trust as a family member is behind the crime or theft in your home.

In this day, an age of nuclear families and working couples, a large number of families rely of domestic helpers including house maids and nannies to take care of their various household chores. While the use of domestic helpers has been widespread in India from a long time, the influx of a large number of rural population in cites has increased the cases of crime being set up by domestic helpers and security guards. Also, the security guards are an indispensable part of apartment life.

Not every domestic helper or security guard is a criminal, but the rising number of cases means that one has to always doubt whether his/her security guards and domestic maids are involved in criminal activities. Let us take a look at some of the ways one can prevent crime or prevent security guards and domestic helps involving in criminal activities.

A lot of people use word of mouth guarantee of their friends and family members to hire a domestic maid and repent later. Hiring through the certified agencies makes sure that all background checks have been conducted for the domestic helper including security guards and other helpers. Most of the people coming from such agencies have a clean track record and offer genuine services without any worry of theft or crime. Make sure to ask the company what types of background checks they run and ask how the agency screens its candidates.

Domestic help police verification: There were a number of cases where house owners did not even have a photograph of their domestic help involved in the crime making the job of police much difficult to bring the criminals to justice. According to section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC), employers like recruitment in the private sector or apartment association have to ensure that they opt for character verification of new employees by the police. You have to get police verification done within 15 days. Submit duly filled form, recent photograph of domestic maid and the thumb impressions. Added to this ensuring thet aadhaar verification is done in a proper way so as to ensure the viability of the Aadhaar card itself.